The School Games

The School Games is the Government strategy for PE and School Sport based on encouraging competitive school sport for all. Working on this strategy are 'School Games Organisers' of which we have 2 in Tameside and 450 across the country.

Great Academy Ashton SGO: Emma Toone
Rayner Stephens High School SGO: Geoff Oldfield

School Games Organiser's work on the following:

  • Competition
  • Workforce
  • Inclusion
  • Talent
  • Clubs
  • Leadership
  • PE development & CPD

Additional tasks taken on by the SGOs in Tameside are:

  • PE Premium auditing
  • Satellite club funding support
  • PE lead teacher management, support & networking

There is a steering group for the School Sports Partnership currently consisting of 3 Primary Headteachers, 1 Business Manager and 2 SGOs as officers. 

Tameside School Sports Partnership
Great Academy Ashton / Rayner Stephens High School
Tel: 07900 274802 / 07432 148045

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