History of SSP's

Specialist Sports Colleges provided designated schools with the opportunity to use PE and Sport as a mechanism to engage young people whole school, as a tool to assist in driving up standards and as a lever to raise attainment. As the Department for Children, Schools and Families states, ‘Sports Colleges are expected to develop a visible Sports College character throughout the school and within their local community which inspires their students' and support the Government's aspiration for all young people to have two hours high quality PE per week within and outside the curriculum.

School Sport Partnerships became the next tool in the delivery of the PESSCL Strategy and the mechanism to assist the government in meeting the national targets for PE and School Sport.

Tameside School Sport Partnership, in 2005 as a Phase 9 partnership, conducted its audit so that the key priorities for the partnership over the preliminary three years could be established. The partnership has since written the new Partnership Evaluation & Priorities Document lauched in May 2008 & is updated each term by the PDM.

The government funded School Games Organisers in 2013 and also funded the PE Premium for primary schools. This contributes to the wider remit of the SSP. 

The SSP will ensure that there is:

  • Provision of opportunities for all young people to participate in a range of high quality activities on a school site
  • Opportunities for all young people to access a range of high quality activities in a community environment
  • Provision for all young people to develop their potential
  • Provision for young people to undertake high quality Leadership and Volunteering roles
  • Leadership & Management of the School Sport Partnership

One major highlight for Tameside SSP was being 3rd in the whole country for Inter school competition participation.

Tameside School Sports Partnership
Great Academy Ashton / Rayner Stephens High School
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