Get Set Network 2012 Disability Athletics

 Despite the gloomy weather which signalled the end of the hot spell,pupils from many schools in Tameside , joined others from Bolton,Oldham,and Stockport to bring some hot performances to Sport City Manchester.

  The purpose of the day was to provide competition in Disability Athletics.Each pupil got to do a run,a jump and a throw.There was also opportunity for Sport leaders from New Charter to experience some responsibility in running an activity.

 It poured down and blew from the moment we arrived.Thanks to some experienced staff we quickly re organised where the events were happening.Athletes and staff huddled at the back of the stand for warmth wishing the sun was back.

  Once events started then the spirit of competition took over.By lunch two thirds of the programme was complete.Whilst munching on their dinner pupils were treated to watching a Paralympic athlete power round the track at some speed.Even more incredible was that this man was blind in one eye and partially sighted in the other.His name is David Devine and he will be competing in london 2012 Paralympics.David kindly presented the first batch of medals for the day.

  The Olympic and paralympic values of determination and excellence were much in evidence.The way everyone coped with the re organisation was admirable.Acts of helpfullness were too numerous to mention, especailly from the experienced P.E. Staff amongst us.

  Thanks to participating schools Copley,Denton,Droylsden Academy,Fairfield,Hyde,New Charter,St Thomas More and Samuel Laycock.They were joined by Rumworth and Firwood from Bolton,Castle Hill from Stockport and Newbridge from Oldham.

 New Charter provided Sport leaders.

Funding for the Stadium hire was from the London 2012 Get Set Network.See their website for many resources and ideas

If you haven't registered do it now.

thanks to all who made this possible.

Now get the pupils to

East Cheshire Harriers , Richmond St track,Tuesday and Thursday 6.00 - 7.00 and ask for Blake Ellis.

Sport City Friday 5.30 - 6.30 Blake and Eddie Shaw

               Monday Wheelchair users contact sport city.

Thanks Ernie Grenwood




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